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Exquisite Photorealistic Portraits Created Using a Ballpoint Pen

Ghana-based artist Enam Bosokah captures incredible likenesses using only a blue ballpoint pen. The stunningly-realistic portrait drawings depict world leaders, writers, as well as children and couples. Bosokah’s work showcases emotional scenes in elaborate detail, and it’s as if we’re looking at cyan-toned photographs rather than hand-crafted creations.

The artist’s drawings offer a glimpse into his process, and the exquisite images are produced with many layers of pen marks. Bosokah will start with wide, criss-crossing lines and refine the drawing with this repetitive motion. It allows him to add as much shading as necessary to make his subjects appear three dimensional. And, looking at every highlight, subtle shadow, and texture, it’s awe-inspiring what you can do with an everyday office tool.

Enam Bosokah Behance page and Facebook page
via [Cross Connect]

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