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Artist Meticulously Crafts Steampunk-Inspired Flying Machines From Cardboard

steampunk sculpture art

While most people browse the internet or watch TV on their down time, artist Jeroen van Kesteren spends his hours making beautiful and elaborate fantasy aircrafts and airships. For about a year now, van Kesteren has been working on a collection of intricate 19th century flying machines inspired by the steampunk aesthetic. The various contraptions in his series Orphanage for Lost Adventures reflect the nostalgic relics of the neo-Victorian movement and feature retro-futuristic technologies found in the literary works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne.

Every aspect of the aircraft is carefully crafted and uniquely imaginative. From the tiny holes on the wings to the various spokes, pipes, and ladders, each one of these meticulous works takes van Kesteren about a month to make. The miniature models are produced from paper, cardboard, aluminum foil, and adhesives. When complete, they stand about 40 to 50 centimeter high, or just slightly over a foot tall.

Van Kesteren has compiled all his creations for Orphanage for Lost Adventures series, including other airships and sculptures, on his Pinterest page.

Imagine yourself on a magical journey with artist Jeroen van Kesteren's steampunk-inspired flying machines.

steampunk sculpture art

steampunk sculpture art

flying machine sculpture

flying machine sculpture

Each is crafted using a combination of paper, aluminum foil, cardboard, and adhesives.

fantastical flying machines

flying machine art

It can take up to a month for van Kesteren to produce his steampunk sculpture art, but the time spent is worth it.


flying machine sculpture

steampunk sculpture

miniature models fantasy steampunk victorian flying machines and airships made of paper and cardboard

Jeroen van Kesteren: Pinterest

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Jeroen van Kesteren.

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