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Get Back Inside the TV… (2 pics)

Chile-based ad agency Lobo created this clever ad for Panasonic’s 3D TV. Editors at CNET named the Panasonic VIERA 3D plasma HDTV the “Best of Show” and “Best in Television” at the Consumer Electronics Show back in January.

The Panasonic Full HD 3D technology pushes 1080p to each eye, making use of active shutter glasses which sync up with the HDTV via signals emitted from the set. Active shutter glasses (also know as LCD or LC shutter glasses) are a 3D viewing technology which is based on alternate-frame sequencing, where each eye sees a slightly different image than the other.

Advertising Agency: Lobo, Santiago, Chile
Creative Director: Christian Quintana
Art Director: Edison Saravia
Copywriter: Christian Quintana
Illustrator: Ricardo Salamanca
Photographer: Patricio Pescetto
Additional credits: Victor Aguilera, Monica Peralta, Isabel Lobo
Published: July 2010

via ads of the world, hd report

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