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Artistic Teacher Captivates Students with His Sprawling Chalkboard Masterpieces

Teacher Hirotaka Hamasaki captivates his young students by drawing sprawling masterpieces on the blackboard. Rather than writing notes or homework assignments, he emulates artworks featuring historically-significant imagery as well as contemporary pieces. Using everyday chalk and a well-worn eraser, Hamasaki references iconic paintings like Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper as well as pop culture-inspired works like Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Hamasaki’s ability to faithfully reproduce several types of artistic styles is awe-inspiring. In one instance, he’s drawn the cubist masterpiece Guernica by Pablo Picasso, but he’s comfortable switching gears to illustrate a colorful scene from the anime film Kimi no Na Wa. It seems his chalkboard subjects know no limit—the perfect way to engage a group who is constantly learning.

We’d love to sit in his class—for now, though, we’ll have to settle and enjoy his work through Instagram.

Hirotaka Hamasaki: Instagram
via [Bored Panda]

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