Stunning Aerial Photos Taken from a Small Plane Over Iceland and Greenland

Abstract Aerial Photos of Iceland by Ben Simon Rehn

Now based in Iceland, German photographer Ben Simon Rehn has unparalleled access to the evocative landscapes that lure creatives to the island. An adventurer at heart, the landscape photographer ventures out into the far reaches of the country—often by airplane—to get new views of Iceland. In two portfolios titled Art of Nature, Rehn unleashes his creative vision of the Icelandic landscape from above.

These incredible views show the abstraction that nature often causes, as winding rivers and melting ice create marvelous patterns. As Rehn flies above these glacial streams, it's often difficult for him to understand exactly what he's capturing until he lands. But more often than not, the results are spectacular. “Water and sediments washed out of the country create the most stunning forms and hues,” he writes. “Sometimes it all changes within hours.”

His adventures have also taken him to Greenland, where he's added to his abstract compositions. Lush green hills intermingle with images of glacial rivers, each photograph inviting the viewer to sit and ponder what they're actually witnessing. The aptly titled portfolios are a reminder that some of the best art doesn't come from humans, but from the power of the natural world.

Photographer Ben Simon Rehn often spends time taking aerial photos of Iceland from a small airplane.

Abstract Aerial Photos of Iceland by Ben Simon RehnAbstract Landscape PhotographyAbstract Landscape Photography

The abstract photographs capture the beauty of melting glaciers and glacial streams.

Abstract Landscape PhotographyAbstract Aerial Photos of Iceland by Ben Simon RehnAbstract Landscape PhotographyAbstract Landscape PhotographyAbstract Aerial Photos of Iceland by Ben Simon RehnAbstract Landscape Photography

They demonstrate the true artistry of nature.

Abstract Landscape PhotographyAbstract Landscape PhotographyAbstract Landscape Photography

His work has also brought him to Greenland, where he’s captured its sheer beauty, too.

Abstract Landscape PhotographyIceland Landscape from Above

Ben Simon Rehn: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Behance

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Ben Simon Rehn.

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