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Elegant Flower Rings Let You Wear a Fresh Bouquet Around Your Finger

ikebana diy ring

Few things are as lovely as a bouquet of fresh flowers. The color and smell are a simple and beautiful way to brighten your day. They make us wish that we could always have these types of blooms close by. Now you can; but instead of lugging around a dozen red roses, you can tote a few select buds on your fingers. Designer Gahee Kang created a DIY ring that’s inspired by ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Aptly called the Ikebana Ring, it’s a sterling silver accessory that holds blooms you’ve picked and arranged. So unlike conventional jewelry, this piece can be changed on a daily basis to complement the season and your outfit.

It’s easy to adorn this ring. The adjustable band has an open design punctuated by metal loops on either end. You simply thread your flowers of choice through the loops, which also holds them in place. Wound around the band, you’ll be wearing a small bouquet on your fingers; it’s a closeness to nature that other jewelry doesn’t offer.

The Ikebana Ring is now available through the online shop Areaware.

Add a pop of fresh color to your wardrobe with this DIY ring by designer Gahee Kang.

flower ringikebana diy flower ringdiy jewelryikebana ringikebana diy flower ringflower ringdiy jewelry diy jewelry

It’s easy to adorn the ring with flowers.

fresh flower ring

Start by inserting your favorite blooms into one of the two metal loops on either end of the ring band.

fresh flower ringfresh flower ring

Then, slip the stem into the other loop.

ikebana ring

Secure and voila! Your ring is ready to wear.

diy jewelrydiy jewelryGahee Kang: Website | Instagram
h/t: [Design Milk]

All images via Areaware.

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