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Modern Beach Villas Inspired by the Waves of the Ocean

Looking for a new vacation destination to fantasize about? Then check out Thailand’s Iniala Beach House, located in the city of Phuket. With its idyllic ocean views and world-class scuba diving, the modern vacation villas are an ideal place to stay. Architectural studio A-cero designed two out the 10 interior spaces that comprise the hotel, and their rooms stand side by side and share a large pool.

Joaquin Torres Arquitectos and Rafael Llamazares make up A-cero and explain the ideas behind their design choices. “Both [villas] play with each other and we tried to achieve the opposite interior design between them. In the first room, the vertical lines flow introducing into the sight of the visitor. In the second room the curved lines move horizontally embracing the space around. It is a game of vertical and horizontal lines that wrap the space.”

There are dramatic characteristics to each of the luxurious interiors, such as the headboard that’s sculpturally attached to the ceiling and the white polycarbonate panels that line a wall. Both of these features are meant to maximize the reflection of natural light as well as mimic the ocean’s waves.

In addition to the guest rooms, A-cero also designed Aziamendi, the hotel’s 3-Michelin-Star restaurant, with the natural landscape in mind. The glass box allows for scenic, fully-immersive views, while wood panels also simulate the movement of water. Its chairs are even upholstered in a specific shade of green that recalls the local vegetation. With this attention to detail and the outstanding scenery, we’re wondering when we can pack our bags.

Iniala Beach House website and A-cero website
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