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Ancient Egyptian Mummy Has Sophisticated Pattern Woven Around Head

While visiting the Louvre, Redditor sbay captured and shared the astonishing intricacies of a mummy’s head wrapping. Unlike the image of a mummy we’re used to (with a winding wrap), this well-preserved man had his skull carefully encased in strips of linen with a sophisticated, interwoven square pattern covering his entire face. In addition to the incredible binding, the overall cartonnage includes a wide collar over the chest, a decorative apron across the legs, and casing over the feet.

According to the museum, X-rays revealed that this mummy was an adult who lived during the Ptolemaic Period (305 BC to 30 BC) in Ancient Egypt. They aren’t sure of his name, but believe that it’s either Pachery or Nenu, and the fact that he was preserved is an indication that he was fortunate during his mortal life–this funerary process ensured his survival into eternity.

via [Reddit]

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