Artist Creates Amazing Land Art That Will Be Wiped Away by the Ocean

Land Art by Jon Foreman

While some artists attempt to create art that will last decades or even centuries, artist Jon Foreman makes large, intricate designs that last only a day. He uses the picturesque beaches in his home country of Wales as canvases for amazing land art that is eventually washed away by the ocean.

From mesmerizing spirals to mandalas to abstract designs, Foreman draws a variety of patterns in the sand, some of which span up to 50 meters (about 164 feet) across. The act of making these laborious works of art is as therapeutic as their vulnerability. Since each piece is ephemeral and will eventually succumb to different elements like weather, tide, and people, Foreman is able to focus his energy on the creative process and live in the moment.

Many of these sprawling drawings are made up as the artist is working. He finds endless inspiration in the majestic beauty of the Wales coastline and feels as though his art is a collaboration with nature itself. “The beaches here are truly exceptional and there are so many,” he explains, “I doubt I’ve even visited half of them.” In addition to drawing directly in the sand, he also collects rocks and pebbles and arranges them into swirling patterns based on size and color.

See more of Foreman's land art below and follow the artist on Instagram to keep up to date with his latest creations.

Wales-based land artist Jon Foreman creates mesmerizing land art on sandy beaches.

Land Art by Jon Foreman

He draws spirals, mandalas, and abstract designs onto the shore even though they will eventually be wiped away by the ocean.

Land Art by Jon Foreman Land Art by Jon Foreman Land Art by Jon Foreman Land Art by Jon Foreman Land Art by Jon Foreman Land Art by Jon Foreman Land Art by Jon Foreman Land Art by Jon Foreman Land Art by Jon Foreman Land Art by Jon Foreman Land Art by Jon Foreman

Jon Foreman: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Jon Foreman.

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