Beautiful Family Portraits with 4+ Living Generations

Generations is a portrait series by UK-based photographer Julian Germain that features visual timelines of families with at least four living generations. With each person representing a single generation of their lineage, Germain manages to create a chronological look at these fruitful families. Each portrait has its own charm as the family members line up side-by-side, sharing a historical view of their current genealogy.

Presented from left to right as either the oldest to youngest or vice versa, each image is accompanied by the names and ages of the related subjects. Generally speaking, there is a commonality among the men and women that goes beyond physical appearances (for instance: their age differences). It's interesting to calculate the number of years and note that each family typically produces offspring at around the same age. As simple as the portraits may seem, the concept allows much to be learned from each one.

Top photo: Jack Potter 2, Stuart Potter 35, Michael Potter 60, Harry Potter 86

Megan Walsh 5, Leanne Walsh 21, Karen Walsh 40, Rhoda Holdsworth 76, Mary Holdsworth 96

Eva Ball 85, Amelia Smith 65, Adrienne Studholme 44, Lisa Studholme 23, Jessica Kitching 7

John Owen 92, Gerald Owen 67, Steven Owen 40, Chris Owen 21, Connah Owen 6 months

William Nichols 92, Christopher Nichols 56, James Nichols 28, Harry Nichols 1

Cynthia Rowe 68, Maureen Rowe 46, Natalie Hunt 25, Dehaney Hunt 5

Alice Pover 91, Hubert Pover 70, Martin Pover 48, Scott Pover 27, Chloe Pover 3 months

Nellie Thorpe 85, Christine Ward 55, Lynne Bathgate 36, Lindsay Bathgate 18, Tegan Bathgate 21 months

May Barker 95, Josephine Laker 66, Deborah Hirst 45, Alex Hirst 14

Tyler Williams 9, Sarah Williams 25, Janet Nash 45, Barbara Bullock 78

Madison Varga 10 months, Zoe Ciereszko 22, Dawn Ciereszko 44, Michael Long 67, Ellen Long 91

Kieron Samuel 1, Naomi Samuel 25, Elizabeth Blake 43, Horace Blake 70

Julian Germain website
via [22 Words]


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