Remarkably Lifelike Wooden Animals Sculpted Using a Chainsaw

Give Jürgen Lingl-Rebetez a block of wood and a chainsaw and watch magic happen. The sculptor's striking sculptures are so detailed and lifelike, that it seems astonishing to think that they were created using such an indelicate tool. The talented German artist is somehow able to breath a sense of animation and spirit into each carefully constructed piece.

From an early age, Lingl-Rebetez expressed an interest in painting and drawing, going on to display a series of his pictures at a gallery in Dachau by the age of 20. After a time spent in mandatory civil service, he began a wood sculptor apprenticeship under the guidance of Master Hans-Joachim Seitfudem. Taking this classical training, he was then able to experiment with the chainsaw as a means of creation, finding a niche in the freedom this allowed when carving out his unique creations. Now, Lingl-Rebetez is internationally recognized for his powerful wooden sculptures, which stare majestically out at the world as though they're ready to leap into motion at any moment.

Jürgen Lingl-Rebetez: Website | Facebook
via [Adventures of Yoo]

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