This Heated Kotatsu Desk Keeps You Warm and Cozy While Working From Home

Japanese Kotatsu Desk

By now, those of us who are fortunate enough to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic have probably gotten pretty used to it. Whether you work from a designated work space or from your bed (no judgement), choosing the right spot to feel comfortable and productive can be a challenge. However, as winter approaches, you might want to update your home office with the addition of a kotatsu, a Japanese table with an integrated blanket and a heater underneath.

The invention of the kotatsu dates back to 14th century Japan, when a wooden platform with a charcoal burner was updated with a seating and a quilt, in order to trap the heat. Today, the kotatsu typically consists of an electric heater attached to a low table frame. A heavy blanket is usually draped over the frame and heater, as well as the table-top for extra coziness. The clever piece of furniture is designed to be used while sitting on tatami reed floor mats as you eat. However, Japanese retailer Aeon Retail Co. has updated the traditional kotatsu for home office workers. It released a high-legged desk version, outfitted with USB and power outlets.

The longer-legged kotatsu is high enough to slide a normal office chair underneath it, allowing you to sit up straight as you work while still keeping your feet warm. Plugging the kotatsu in will not only power its heater, but it also turns it into a source of energy for your other devices, which can be plugged into its multiple USB ports. This means you’ll never have to leave the comfort of the warm environment to get your charger. And when you’re finished working for the day, the table can also be used to serve food and drinks.

Check out the kotatsu desk below, and order your own from the Aeon Retail Co. website.

This heated, kotatsu-style desk by Aeon Retail Co. is perfect for updating your home office for winter.

Japanese Kotatsu Desk

It not only keeps you super cozy, but it features integrated USB and power outlets.

Japanese Kotatsu Desk

Just try not to fall asleep while you work!

Japanese Kotatsu Desk

Japanese Kotatsu Desk

Aeon Retail Co.: Website
h/t: [grape]

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