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Japanese Movie Theater Keeps Patrons Warm and Toasty With Heated ‘Kotatsu’ Tables

Kotatsu Table Japanese Movie Theater Let's Cine Park

Sometimes, during exceptionally cold winter weekends, nothing sounds better than watching a film while curled up at home. But what if you could experience the cozy warmth of your bed while sitting in the cinema? Well, in one innovative Japanese movie theater, you can! At Let’s Cine Park in Tokorozawa, Japan, select seats are equipped with kotatsu, tables ingeniously outfitted with personal heaters.

Inspired by an age-old tradition, modern kotatsu typically feature a thick blanket that traps the heart of a hidden heat source. Let’s Cine Park has cleverly adopted this layout for a standard movie theater, offering the heated tables as a bonus to their already-enjoyable “Box Premium Seats.” On top of their spacious booth seating, plush pillows, and a prime view of the screen, the addition of the kotatsu tables makes these snuggly seats the best in the house.

Unfortunately, the cozy kotatsu are only available in two of the theater’s auditoriums. Additionally, given the success of the toasty-warm tables, the theater tends to show the most popular films in these two rooms. So, if you’d like to snag a snug kotatsu table, be sure to book in advance—the warmth is worth it!

Let’s Cine Park, a Japanese movie theater, offers moviegoers a chance to keep cozy and warm with creative kotatsu table seating.


Let’s Cine Park Tokorozawa: Website 
h/t: [Sora News 24]

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