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Playful Wood Coffee Table is a Giant Maze With Moveable Figures Inside

The Labyrinth Table is a playful piece of wood furniture built by Benjamin Nordsmark. As the name suggests, the minimalist rectangular table consists of a giant maze that’s situated beneath a sheet of diamond glass. Nordsmark calls this a “small universe,” and the mesmerizing labyrinth is occupied by six small figures that can be moved around by the handles underneath the table.

Nordsmark intends for his gorgeous creation to evoke a sense of nostalgia. “Most people remember from their childhood how they used to play with miniature figures,” he writes. This fond memory encourages people to engage and explore “the story of the labyrinth” and to move the different characters through the giant puzzle.

The table’s main core is built in steel and covered in 5 millimeters of maple wood. Its handles stick to all surfaces thanks to strong magnets, and this makes for easy play between figures. Watch the video below to see the piece in action.

Benjamin Nordsmark website
via [Laughing Squid]

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