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Light Bulb Shattering Innovators

Adam Taylor is an award-winning photographer who’s just as comfortable shooting beautiful landscapes as he is creating incredibly interesting portraits. (We recently featured Taylor’s work in Contemplative Landscapes.)

In this set, called New Frontiers, Taylor portrays today’s innovators in a cool and unique way. Instead of just placing a light bulb over their heads, he shatters them in front of their face. “They all work in the advertising industry and are pushing as hard and as confidently as they can,” he tells us. They’re forward-thinkers and the “light bulbs smashing against them could be seen as a metaphor for breaking through the status quo.”

We asked Taylor a few questions to get to know him a bit more. Read that short Q&A below after enjoying this well-done series.

You’ve received many awards for your advertising photographs. What do you think sets your work apart from the rest?
I think that my style is individual and lends itself quite well to storytelling. I am also careful of not letting the work become over retouched and manipulated. At the moment, I am very influenced by the immediacy and spontaneity of reportage photography; I am loving the authentic and real look. I am also very uncompromising in getting the result I envision and I have a love affair for uncomplicated and powerful ideas.

How important is crafting a story for you?
Really important. Crafting is intrinsic to great photography – even when not initially apparent, there is craft. It is a part of what draws us in to a great image.

What makes a good photograph great?
Sometimes it’s risk – someone throwing caution to the wind and trying something different. A great photograph possesses an indescribable sense of magic and can have an effect on you. Also a certain timelessness.

What’s been your greatest photography challenge?
It is hard to pinpoint the greatest challenge. “Photography” as a career is challenging, perhaps, that’s what I love about it. I am constantly challenged. I challenge myself all the time…I take on too much and see if I can achieve the seemingly impossible!

What are some tips you could give others on how or what to shoot?
Photograph from your heart with enthusiasm and try not to get caught up in the equipment – great work comes from within – it’s not if you have the latest or greatest fandangled camera – trust your individual vision.

Be smart about what you photograph. We are so completely bombarded with images; how do you set yourself apart? Ask yourself, “Do I have something interesting to say about this incredibly inspiring and fleeting moment of existence and what can i make of this crazy and beautiful world? or “How can I contribute?”

Essentially you want to do something astonishing…that blows minds!

Adam Taylor’s website

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