Watch the Heartwarming Moment a Toddler Gets Glasses and Sees His Mom Clearly for the First Time

His reaction to seeing the world for the first time.
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Toddlers are full of endearing reactions. After all, they are discovering the world for the first time, and each of these encounters are full of wonder. Maybe it's the first time they pet a dog or they swam in a pool. However, for a little boy named Logan, the biggest surprise happened during a trip to the optometrist. After suffering from bad sight since an early age, the toddler received his first pair of prescription glasses. When his surroundings and loved ones finally became clear, he flashed the biggest smile.

In a clip that has since gone viral, Logan sits at an eyewear store. Due to his age, he gets a pair of flexible wraparound glasses. His mom puts them on, but they feel a little uncomfortable at the beginning. After trying to push the glasses off, Logan's mom takes his hands to help him notice what has happened. Then, the magic takes place—everything is now bright and sharp, starting with his mom's smiling face.

“You can see now!” Logan's mom says, with a sweet excitement that is just as heartwarming as her son's smile. Logan even bobs his head back with joy as he takes in everything around him. Suddenly, all of the things he's known are brand new again.

With his glasses, Logan will be ready explore and finally see the littlest of details of the big wide world around him.

A little boy named Logan got his first pair of glasses, and when his surroundings and loved ones finally became clear, he flashed the biggest smile.

@goodnewscorrespondent “YOU CAN SEE NOW!” Logan’s first pair of glasses! He can now see his mama clearly with his new glasses!(:@focuseyecarepc ) ♬ Finding Your Heart – Abbreviated – Tony Anderson

h/t: [Reddit]

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