Smart Planter Transforms Your Houseplant into a Virtual Pet

Smart Planter by Mu Design

Anyone with a green thumb knows that plants are full of personality—their leaves and blooms give a great indication of their mood. Now, thanks to clever design, you can transform your favorite houseplant into a virtual pet with the ability to communicate its needs. Created by Vivien Muller of Mu Design, the Lüa smart planter shows 15 different animated emotions based on how your plant is feeling.

Not only is Lüa cute, but it's functional in helping ensure your plants get what they need to thrive. Sensors within the planter trigger the correct emotion animation after measuring the soil's moisture, light exposure, and temperature. The planter is connected to an app where you can select the type of plant or customize your own settings. From there, Lüa takes over, transforming your houseplant into a fun member of the family.

Six of the animations are directly related to plant health. For instance, if light exposure isn't enough a vampire emotion will appear. If you forget to water your friend, the thirsty animation takes over. Lüa can even catch a cold or fever depending on the temperature. When all is well, the smart planter will have a serene smile. It even goes to sleep and wakes up when it detects movement, following objects with its eyes.

Lüa makes a great addition to any home, whether you're an avid gardener who sings to their plants or someone who needs help making sure their plants thrive. It also makes for a fun, interactive tool for helping kids understand how to care for plants. Currently, the Lüa is in the prototype phase and is taking pre-orders on Indiegogo for an estimated December 2019 shipping date. Available in two colors, additional features are being offered if the campaign makes its stretch goals.

Lüa smart planter transforms your plant into a virtual pet filled with emotion.

Lua Smart Planter

15 different animated emotions make sure you'll always be in tune with your houseplant's needs.

Smart Planter by Mu Design

Smart Flower Pot

Virtual Pet Planter

Lüa has a dedicated app that fine-tunes its settings based on the type of plant in the pot.

Lua Smart Planter App

Do things right and you'll have a happy, healthy pet plant.

Smart Flower Pot

Lüa Smart Planter: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Behance

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Mu Design.

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