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Self-Watering Flowerpot Reminds You When It’s Time to Feed Your Plant


How many times have you forgotten to water a plant, only to remember once its leaves are starting to wilt? Studio Lorier has created a solution to this common problem with their self-watering planter. Called Natural Balance, the elegantly-designed flowerpot feeds your beloved flora while offering you a helpful reminder for when it’s time to water them again.

Natural Balance conceals its function in a graceful, minimalist-style vessel. It has an integrated water reservoir that keeps the soil hydrated, separated from the pot by a water-permeable divider that allows the liquid to gradually pass through and only as the plant needs it. (This also prevents it from soaking the soil and potentially harming the plant.)

Studio Lorier makes it easy to remember to refill the planter. When full of water, the pot sits level, but as its reservoir empties—positioned on one side—the weight distribution becomes unequal and tips the Natural Balance backwards; this lets you know that it’s time for more water.

To raise funds for production, Studio Lorier is taking pre-orders of Natural Balance through Kickstarter.


Studio Lorier: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Kickstarter
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