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Macro Photos Capture the Mystical Beauty of Cat Eyes

A Norwegian photographer—who goes by the handle “Tina’s Perspective on Life”—captures the intense beauty of cat eyes. Using a Canon macro lens and her own pet cats (Zelda, Zonic, and Zorro) as models, the resulting close-ups offer an uncommon view of our feline friends. In some instances, it feels like you’re looking at a portal to a different dimension. In others, there’s an alien allure to the eyes. Either way, one thing is clear: macro photography is amazing.

Each of the photographer’s images captures the marble-like cat eyes in incredible detail. From a side profile perspective they look like highly reflective glass orbs; from the front, the photographs detail the variety of piercing colors found in the planet-like irises. Bright, glacial blues, fiery ambers and glistening greens surround complex swirling lines, glittering specs, and the cats’ distinctive elongated pupils. Even though we are only seeing an extreme close up of the cats’ eyes, it’s easy to imagine the animal’s personality. Afterall, as Shakespeare once said, “The eyes are the window to the soul.”

You can find more mesmerizing macro photos of cat eyes and more on Tina’s Instagram, where she posts a variety a nature-inspired macro photography.

This photographer uses a macro lens to capture cat eyes in incredible detail.

Tina’s Perspective on Life: Instagram

All images via @tinasperspective.

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