Magnificent Sunbeams (16 photos)

You may remember Alex (or Algo) as the man who took powerful photos of old hands. They made us think not only about our relationships to our elders but also about how wisdom and experience comes through time. The talented photographer recently reached out to us, to share another incredible photo series, this time about beautiful sunbeams. As a long admirer of published photos of sunbeams in a forest, he never managed to capture them himself. It was only when he decided to switch over from film to digital that Alex felt like he was onto something. By taking many shots from different angles and with different settings, he finally felt as though he'd caught the spirit of the scenes. Alex shared with us some tips on how to photograph beautiful sunbeams like these. Read those tips after being amazed by his stunning set.

A few tips: 1. If I see any sign of a sunbeam, I wander around that area and take as many shots as I have time for, at all sorts of different settings and angles. I'm always surprised which shots work and which don't. 2. Apart from careful use of increasing contrast, I don't know how to improve sunbeams by post processing — but do realize that there are ways. GF worked on this one for me and emphasized the strength of the sunbeams. 3. Go down to the forest on a misty morning (with sun forecast), and hang about with the trees and if you're lucky you might see sunbeams in one out of ten visits. Then shoot millions ….. Alex (or Algo)

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