Mark Ruffalo Calls for Actors to Leave “Empire of Billionaires” and Take On Indie Films

Mark Ruffalo

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With the SAG-AFTRA strike in full swing, actors have taken to the picket lines to fight for fairer pay and better conditions. As a consequence, Hollywood has come to a halt. So, with no major film or TV productions underway, one star sees a window of opportunity for change. Mark Ruffalo, known for his work in the Avengers franchise, 13 Going On 30, and Spotlight, is calling for his fellow actors to join indie films.

After it was announced that SAG-AFTRA will allow some completely independent productions to continue filming during the strike, Ruffalo shared his thoughts on Twitter. “How about we all jump into indies now?” he wrote. “Content creators create a film and TV-making system alongside the studio and streaming networks? So there is actual competition.”

Ruffalo, confident in his peers' talent, explains what could be achieved. “Then we just do what we always do—create great content and they can buy it, or we take it out ourselves and WE share in those sales,” he wrote. “They’ve created an empire of billionaires and believe that we are no longer of value. While they hang out in the billionaire boy summer camps laughing like fat cats, we organize a new world for workers.”

The solution? Turn to independent productions and even out the playing field. “One sure way to strengthen our hand right now is to become very supportive and friendly to all independent projects immediately,” Ruffalo suggests. “Push every SAG-AFTRA member to join the ones that get SAG-AFTRA (WGA) WAIVERS immediately. The studios have no competition—this will change that.”

Since the production stoppage is affecting members of other film-oriented workers, Ruffalo's plan will also keep those industries afloat. “This will also help our fellow filmmakers ‘The Crew,' who we love, to keep working. This is also part of #Solidarity. We have to take care of each other,” he wrote. Ultimately, it's teamwork and looking after one another that has them taking a stand for better conditions in the first place. As he said, “Share profits. If the project does well, everyone does well.”

After it was announced that SAG-AFTRA will allow some completely independent productions to continue filming during the strike, Mark Ruffalo shared his thoughts on Twitter.

For Ruffalo, turning to independent productions could even out the playing field. Confident in his peers' talent, the actor explains what could be achieved.

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