20 Gifts Movie Lovers and Film Buffs Will Love and Actually Use

Gifts For Film Buffs and Movie Lovers

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Over the past few years, watching movies has taken on a new importance. Whether you're watching remotely with friends, gathering around the TV with your bubble, or diving into Netflix to relax—movies can be important mental escapes as well as cinematic art. This holiday season, revel in your favorite films. Advertise your love of the French La Nouvelle Vague with a canvas tote and gift cute mugs to the opinionated film buffs in your life. Our curated list of the best gifts for film buffs and movie lovers is the place to start for memorabilia to liven up your home and movie nights.


Scroll down for the best gifts for film buffs and movie lovers.


Goldberg Film Reel Wine Rack

Most classic films were shot with motion picture cameras using large film reels. On Etsy, you will find artisans who take junk shop finds and turn them into classy wine racks that will bring Golden Age Hollywood to your kitchen.


Star Wars Cutting Board

The Star Wars films are some of the most popular of all time. Whether you prefer the original trilogy, the '90s and early aughts prequels, or the most recent additions of the past few years, this Storm Trooper cutting board can be the centerpiece of your next wine and cheese movie night.


Retro Jaws VHS Lamp

Today's kids may never know the magic of manually rewinding your VHS tape; but for those old enough to remember the antiquated technology, this neon Jaws VHS lamp is full of vintage flair. You can also find other favorite movies such as Home Alone, Kill Bill, and Jurassic Park.


Top 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

This holiday season, give someone the gift of a ready-made film bucket list. They can scratch off each title on their way to being a well-versed film connoisseur.


“Unpaid Movie Critic” Mug

Unpaid Film Critic Gift Mug

BeanMugs | $15.95+

We all have a lot of opinions; but unfortunately, only a select few get paid to share. Console family and friends with this mug. Let them know that while Netflix does not care what they think of the new holiday specials, you care.


Film Camera Patent T-Shirt

Show off your love of film and stay fashionable with this T-shirt designed by an independent artist. It features the patent drawing for the film camera and also comes in different materials and cuts. You can even get a hoodie, mug, or mask with the same design.


Movie Greats Tote Bag

For fans of French cinema, check out this canvas tote with the most renowned filmmakers of La Nouvelle Vague, aka French New Wave. In the 1950s and 1960s these directors revolutionized French film and still boast a cult following today.


Personalized Retro VHS Movies Poster

VHS Print Gifts For Film Buffs

TheOrigamiFox | $16.54+

'80s and '90s babies will love this nostalgic, customizable print featuring a stack of VHS tapes. Pick 10 of your favorite movie titles to recreate your movie collection. Friends and family will also love this trip down memory lane.


Napoleon Dynamite Face Mask

Vote For Pedro Mask Napoleon Dynamite

AoifaCreative | $7.57+

Even during a pandemic, the cult classic Napoleon Dynamite remains relevant. Tell all your friends to “Vote for Pedro” with this stylish mask.


Film Geek Throw Blanket

Film Geek Throw Blanket

Gabe R | $46.54

This fleece throw blanket is not only the perfect present for your favorite film geek, but it's also great to snuggle up under and watch a movie.


Film Reel Table

Made with a 1930s aluminum film reel, this end table is the perfect way to bring the big screen into the home of your favorite movie buff.


Introverted Cinefile T-Shirt

Introvert Film Buff T-Shirt

PopularTeez | $8.99+

Introverts love films, too. Rock this T-shirt during award season—or any other season—to proudly tout your movie knowledge.


Popcorn Machine

Old Time Movie Popcorn Maker

West Bend | $72.99

Is it a true movie night without popcorn? Make your own snacks with this classic and affordable popcorn maker. Let the soothing pops kickoff movie night, bringing the charm of a traditional theater to your home.


Popcorn Oil and Seasonings

Now that the popcorn's ready, why not spice it up? This set of popping oil and seasons will give you popcorn some extra kits. And, since they come in retro tins, they'll also nice to display.


Cinephile Game

If you're into game night, this cinephile card deck is perfect. With one deck, you'll be able to play several different games and have fun testing your movie knowledge.


Vintage LIFE Magazines

Vintage Life Magazines Movie Stars

CaribooCollectibles | $8.95 each

LIFE magazine covers have featured legendary movie stars throughout most of the 20th century. On Etsy and eBay, search for your favorite old movie stars. You can find interviews, covers, and some pretty odd advertisements that will make special gifts for super fans.


The New York Times Book of Movies: The Essential 1,000 Films to See

New York Times 1,000 Films To See Film Buff Gift Guide

Universe | $35.99

You might be a film buff, but have you seen all 1,000 of The New York Times‘ essential movies? This book will provide you with cool facts and movie night inspiration for years to come.


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