Spectacular Photos Show the Tranquil Beauty of Solitary Trees in Finland

Snow Covered Tree at Sunset

Finnish photographer Mikko Lagerstedt unravels the beauty of his homeland with a series of stunning tree photographs. By using minimalist compositions and playing with light, his images are an otherworldly glimpse into nature. Each tree is highlighted with drama and mystery, drawing the viewer into Lagerstedt's world.

The series began in 2018, when Lagerstedt photographed a solitary tree in the middle of Finnish Lapland. With only powdery white snow and a pinkish-blue sky surrounding it, the icy tree takes on a new dimension. From there, he aimed to capture trees in different lighting in order to create a new ambiance in each image. By framing the trees so differently, he reveals just how complex these pieces of nature truly are.

“I would love people to appreciate the never-ending beauty of trees,” he tells My Modern Met. “In our lives, we rarely recognize them, yet trees surround us with their beauty. They tell us many stories about life and the struggle to survive in harsh conditions.”

In order to highlight the trees properly, Lagerstedt sticks to a minimalist composition. With nothing to distract the viewer, the eye is forced to drink in the power of the trees. Thanks to his aesthetic preferences, the photographs exude tranquility and this, in turn, transmits a sense of peace to the viewer.  “Aesthetically, minimalist photography is a purified form of beauty,” he writes. “It is a represent[ation] of order, simplicity, and harmony.”

We can only hope that he continues this series and allows us the pleasure of soaking in more of the Finnish landscape.

Mikko Lagerstedt has created a powerful photo series of solitary trees immersed in the Finnish landscape.

Lone Tree in Wintery Landscape

Solitary Tree Under a Starry Night Sky

Artistic Photo of a Tree On a Lake

Tree Under the Northern Lights in Finland

Mysterious Backlit Tree at Night

Lone Tree in the Finnish Landscape

Snow Covered Trees on a HIll

Mikko Lagerstedt: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Behance

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Mikko Lagerstedt.

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