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Minimalist Typographic Movie Posters

Is it just me or are minimalist movie posters getting more and more creative? In this particular series, we're asked to visualize movies using not just basic letters, but sometimes just the first letter of the movie's title. In essence, that letter stands as a symbol for that particular movie. For instance, The “I” from The Insider is made into the shape of a cigarette. The two “K's” from The Karate Kid are two fighting karate kids!

Patrik Svensson is the clever creator. He says he's always been a fan of designers who continually integrate viewers into their work and he enjoys creating a game for both the designer and the viewer.

Notice how he purposefully leaves a generous amount of space. This is so that the viewer can fill in the rest with his or her imagination. “It's a balancing act,” Svensson explains. “The humor is also very important – graphics without a sense of humor is often dead to me.”

Patrik Svensson's website

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