Miss Anielas New Non-Photoshopped Images Feature Live Animals and Amazing Props

Miss Aniela knows no bounds! Recently, the fine art photographer was commissioned by Japanese advertising giant K&L to shoot a series of images for the release of the new Nikon D810. Shooting two big projects back to back, Miss Aniela and her team mixed fashion and fantasy to create surreal, completely non-Photoshopped images. The first photo, called White Witch Awakening, was shot at a 17th-century country house, called Aynhoe Park, in the UK. While most of the animals in the photos are stuffed, the zebra in the main scene above, is in fact, completely real.

Though you probably couldn't guess it at first, she also shot with a live flamingo and a live vulture. The images were processed using only Nikon's Capture NX-D RAW image software.

The photographer was kind enough to share with us some fun, behind-the-scenes photos of this whimsical fashion shoot. (That's a live zebra meeting a fake zebra.)

Miss Aniela was chosen as the first fashion photographer to show what Nikon's newest DSLR can really do. In this gorgeous image, called Deep Sea Dream, (immediately below) a humongous octopus tentacle was commissioned and is seen splashing out of the water , while a mermaid and a princess casually lounge in velvet chairs. With water rising in the dark green room, the photo is filled with both fantasy and drama.

The fine art photographer shared with us the storyboard sketches, she had made, to show us how she first envisioned her two main scenes. Seeing those montages makes us appreciate, even more, her incredible talent for execution. Talk about bringing drawings to life! Make sure to watch this video to see what it took to complete these two impressive projects. She's like a young Annie Leibovitz! 

Miss Aniela's website and Facebook page

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