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Linear Tattoos Use One Continuous Line to Leave a Beautifully Bold Impact

Tattoo artist Mo Ganji specializes in black-and-white body art that makes a strong impact with relatively simple drawings. Opting for bold lines and stippled dots, the Berlin-based creative adorns his clients with portraits of people and animals, sometimes combining the two into an elegant image where one seamlessly leads into the other. He does this with a single line that you can follow from beginning to end as it forms the entire drawing.

Ganji’s use of lines prove that beautiful tattoos don’t require color to make them shine. His pieces capture the essence of his subjects with these minimalist marks, as he varies the weight of his strokes to increase the visual impact and create a sense of dimensionality within his drawings. The heavier lines indicate an outline, while the thinner marks communicate a characteristic that’s lighter or softer.

Ganji is currently selling prints of his work through his website. Called Nepal Lines, 90% of his sales benefit the ongoing relief efforts in Nepal, which suffered devastating earthquakes earlier this year.

Mo Ganji: Website | Instagram | Facebook
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