Unique Ironing Board Concept Simplifies Everyday Chores

Ironing couldn't get any better than this! The proposed E-board (Easy Board) concept, by designer Mohsen Jafari Malek, could possibly make the chore of ironing a bit easier. No more fumbling around to press out the wrinkles of one pant leg, as the other pant leg hangs clumsily off of the side.

The proposed design has five components that adapt to the particular garment that may need to be freshly pressed. For example, the board splits into two parts so you can lay your pants flat, or has wings that pull out to accommodate the sleeves on a shirt. Best yet, when one side of a garment is smooth and crisp, the board rotates on a central axis so you can press the opposite side with one simple flip of the board.

The E-Board received a 2012 iF Design Talents concept design award.

iF Design Talents website
via [Yanko Design]

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