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NASA Releases Retro Travel Posters Playfully Encouraging Space Tourism

For adventure seekers, beautiful travel posters offer a glimpse of life somewhere new and exciting. By depicting gorgeous locales, it inspires a sense of wanderlust in even the most travel-averse person. With this in mind, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has created a series of posters for different destinations in our solar system. The fantastical illustrations depict a future where space travel is a common occurrence and trips across the galaxy are just a rocket ride away.

The bold images paint colorful portraits of places like Venus, Neptune, and Saturn. Inspired by vintage travel posters, each contemporary print has its own compelling tagline that’s sure to pique your interest. After all, who could resist the “Gateway to the Outer Solar System” (Ceres) or “The Grass is Always Redder on the Other Side” (Kepler-186f )? Though these aren’t real getaways, this amusing series will make you wish that they were.

NASA’s project is intended as more than just stunning illustrations. They also represent possibility, and the organization hopes to inspire young thinkers and dreamers to imagine how these ideas could someday become a reality.

You can download a free poster-sized image on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory website.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Website
via [Laughing Squid]

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