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Intimate Photos of Tender Moments Shared Between Couples in Love

Photographer Natalia Mindru Photomicona captures the raw, unabashed love between couples in a series titled Iubiri Urbane (translated, it means Urban Love). The emotional images showcase relationships that are passionate and caring, without appearing excessively sweet. Presented in mostly a black and white format, this stylistic choice heightens the drama and intensity between the young lovers, as if we’re looking at scenes from a film.

Before arriving at a couple’s home, Photomicona knows nearly nothing about her subjects. The only prior communication is through social media and, as a result, she approaches each session without preconceived notions or expectations. In this way, Iubiri Urbane offers a fresh exploration of love in its many forms: tender, sometimes playful and other times messy, but it always depicts the natural attraction between two people. And while not a fairy tale, Photomicona’s vignettes warm your heart in much the same way.

Natalia Mindru Photomicona: Website | Blog | Facebook
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