Stunning A-Frame Home Has a Greenhouse for Off-the-Grid Living in a Swedish Forest

Naturvillan Atri Off-Grid Home

Designed to give homeowners a light, airy, and off-grid living experience, Naturvillan‘s Atri is a self-sufficient nature house made in Sweden. The one-bedroom home incorporates a greenhouse that provides nourishment and brings nature indoors. The A-frame design not only maximizes the light within the space but was a deliberate choice by the architects to mimic the shape of the surrounding conifers.

At 1,334 square feet (124 square meters), Atri is quaint enough for minimalists but spacious enough to meet the needs of a family. The floor plan can be customized to include more bedrooms as well as storage. And the greenhouse, which wraps the entire home, provides additional living space as needed. The warm tones of the wood create a welcoming environment while the fantastic views let homeowners observe nature from the comfort of home.

Naturvillan's founding partners, Niklas Dahlström and Anders Solvarm, are passionate about sustainable design. For them, it was important that Atri was not only beautiful and functional but also self-sufficient. To that end, the home is equipped with both solar panels and a wood-burning stove to meet energy needs year-round. For added security, a backup system to charge batteries is also available in case of dark winters or a storm. An on-site well provides drinking water, and wastewater is used in the planting beds, ensuring that the house is as efficient as possible.

The living quarters are nestled within the shell of the greenhouse, and upon entering, homeowners are welcomed into the living room. Sliding glass doors in the living room give access to the greenhouse for extra space and thanks to the open floor plan, the kitchen is in view. The kitchen, which is custom wood with ash countertops, includes an induction stovetop, oven, and dishwasher. When it's time to settle in for the night, stargazers will appreciate the upstairs bedroom's multiple skylights. A secondary room can be used as an office, a dining room, or divided into multiple bedrooms according to what the homeowner desires.

Thanks to its clever design, Naturvillan's Atri is pushing the boundaries of what off-grid living looks like. Currently, Atri is available for sale on Lake Vänern. Located in western Sweden, the lake is known for its abundance of animal life, including salmon and many bird species.

Atri is a self-sufficient home designed by the Swedish architectural firm Naturvillan.

Naturvillan Atri Off-Grid Home

Its shape was inspired by the peaks of the surrounding conifers.

Eco-Building in Sweden

The home has its own greenhouse that acts as a shell for the living space and allows for year-round cultivation.

Greenhouse in Home

Naturvillan Atri Off-Grid Home

Naturvillan Atri Off-Grid Home

The spacious interior is customizable and allows for indoor/outdoor living.

Naturvillan Atri Off-Grid Home

Naturvillan Atri Off-Grid Home

Naturvillan Atri Off-Grid Home

Solar panels, a woodburning stove, and an on-site well make for an off-grid home.

Currently, Atri is being sold to interested homeowners in western Sweden's Lake Vänern.

Off Grid Living in Sweden

Naturvillan Atri Off-Grid Home

Naturvillan: Website | Instagram | Facebook

All photos by Marcus Eliasson. My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Naturvillan.

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