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New, Modern Illustrations for Lord of the Flies – Sam Weber

For those of us who had to read Lord of the Flies in high school, we can all remember this haunting story. Now, the classic tale by William Golding gets repackaged with amazing illustrations from Sam Weber. They're gorgeous yet simple illustrations that will make you remember why you loved this book.

Artist Sam Weber took his job of recreating the story through illustrations very seriously. As he states, “”Using contemporary illustration to accompany a much loved classic was an exciting challenge, made more so by the active involvement of the Golding Estate. Lord of The Flies is one of my favourite novels, and in many regards this opportunity was a true dream job.”

About the book:
‘This is our island. It's a good island. Until the grown-ups come to fetch us we'll have fun.'

Following a plane crash, a group of schoolboys is left marooned on a tropical island. Their initial attempts at co-operation soon founder and, as the veneer of civilisation wears away, their primitive instincts are unleashed, with horrifying consequences. In the 19th-century novel The Coral Island by R. M. Ballantyne, this same scenario – boys on an uninhabited island – was portrayed as a wholesome adventure. In the hands of Nobel Prize-winning author William Golding, it becomes a powerful and disturbing tale of the dark side of human nature.

Painted Faces and Long Hair

The Signal Fire

Beast From Air

Lord of The Flies

The Shattered Conch

The new book comes out December 2009.

Via FolioSociety and Sam Weber

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