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17 Oddly Satisfying Photos of Common Objects Organized Neatly into a Work of Art

If you’re someone who is comforted by seeing things organized neatly, then the subreddit Oddly Satisfying will definitely appeal to you. It’s a trove of items that are arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner, according to the type of object, as well as its color and size. Ordinary things such as fruit, hangers, and boxes take on an artistic quality as they highlight the unexpected beauty of the things we see every day.

Oddly Satisfying, while nice to look at, satisfies the viewer in more than just a visual way. It also speaks to the larger appreciation we have for the people responsible for these arrangements. By sharing these pictures, we’re recognizing their efforts and inspiring others to do the same–it’s a reminder to make every task meaningful, however mundane it may initially seem.

Above photo source: GetFreeCash

Photo source: ruemenzo

Photo source: OnlyPostOnFri13th

Photo source: xetterxx

Photo source: CollateralSabotage

Photo source: Lobo2ffs

Photo source: nurse_with_penis

Photo source: moogieboogie82

Photo source: LadySovereign

Photo source: a_mex_t-rex

Photo source: Bananaramas

Photo source: ohsureyoudo

Photo source: Rocketmn333

Photo source: KoreZombie

Photo source: ouob

Photo source: lovelymoondrops

Photo source: Varvox

And here’s a bonus from nature:

Photo source: WhatTheFoxtrout

Oddly Satisfying: Reddit
via [Buzzfeed]

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