This Street Artist Transforms Cement Blocks into Mind-Blowing Illusions

Illusion Art by Odeith

Portuguese artist Odeith is a master of illusion art. Using spray paint, he's able to add visual depth to flat surfaces. The resulting images seem so realistic, it's hard to believe that they're all just a painted illusion. His latest triumph transforms an isolated cement structure in an abandoned warehouse into a wrecked school bus. The mind-blowing illusion is so real, it's causing a sensation online.

Odeith's bus appears perfectly at home in the mostly empty environment and, at first glance, simply seems like a discarded vehicle sitting in a deserted space. It's only when you look at the “before” photograph that you realize this isn't a vehicle at all. And upon closer inspection, the viewer can truly appreciate the technical skill necessary to pull off this transformation.

Odeith began by teasing his followers, posting a photo of the block-like structure and asking people to guess what he'd be changing it into with paint. People didn't have to wait long to see what he'd come up with, as just three days later he unveiled his masterpiece. The graffiti artist's attention to detail is unmatched, with him even painting the proper shadow of the bus on the wall, according to how the sun filters through the open roof.

Photographs of the work in progress show how he manages to build up the illusion using black spray paint to create outlines and mark points where perspective lines should converge. Yet, even with seeing how the work comes together, the precision with which Odeith paints makes his work is beyond words. There's no doubt that Odeith has solidified his position as the top illusionist in the graffiti world today.

Scroll down to see even more of Odeith's amazing 3D art.

Graffiti artist Odeith transformed an ordinary cement structure into something extraordinary using spray paint.

Illusion Art by Odeith

By building up the drawing and marking out perspective points…

3D Street Art Illusion by Odeith

The cement block slowly transformed into a wrecked school bus.

Odeith 3D Perspective Art

The work once again proves that the Portuguese artist is a master of illusions.

Odeith School Bus Illusion

Here's even more of Odeith's incredible 3D street art.

3D Street Art Illusions by Odeith3D Street Art Illusions by Odeith3D Street ArtStreet Art Illusion3D Street Art3D Street Art Illusions by Odeith3D Street Art by Odeith3D Street Art Illusions by Odeith3D Street Art Illusions by Odeith3D Street Art Illusions by OdeithStreet Art by Odeith3D Street Art Illusions by OdeithAnimal Street Art IllusionAnimal Street Art IllusionStreet Art Illusions by Odeith3D Street Art Illusions by OdeithOdeith Street Artist3D Street Art Illusions3D Street Art Illusions by OdeithAnimal Street Art Illusions by OdeithAnimal Street Art Illusions by Odeith3D Street Art Lettering

Odeith: Website | Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Odeith.

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