Two Sons Recreate 20-Year-Old Pictures for Their Mom

Redditor olias32 decided to get creative and rummage through some old photos of him and his brother to recreate as adults for his mom's 55th birthday. The thoughtful gift idea would surely tug at the mother's heartstrings while tickling her funny bone as she browsed through the collection of images of her little boys who have grown into men playfully retracing their steps from twenty years ago.

The two loving sons spent numerous weekends visiting the same sites they found pictures of themselves in throughout Romania, primarily in Sinaia, Busteni, and Bucharest. The 20 Years Ago and Now photo project they embarked on shows the changes of time both in respect to the boys' sizes and the changes in the landscapes of their pictured locations. Despite slight inevitable modifications, the now 26 and 29-year-old brothers manage to wear almost the same exact outfits and pose in nearly identical positions.

Similar to Wilma Hurskainen's Growth, Irina Werning's Back to the Future, and Ze Frank's Young Me Now Me, the series easily wells up feelings of nostalgia that anyone can relate to.

via [reddit]

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