Two Men on a Boat Rescue an Owl 20 Miles Away From Shore

On the left, owl holds onto a boat; on the right, owl is wrapped in a towel

Photo: Screenshot from TikTok

Taking a boat out on the open seas is a fun pastime for many people, especially during warmer months. For two men who went fishing in Florida, it unexpectedly became a rescue mission. A woman named Paige Galdieri shared an amazing story that happened to her brother and his friend. On a fishing trip over 20 miles away off the coast of Sarasota, Florida, an owl landed on one of their fishing rods. Realizing the poor bird got lost and was far away from home, the two men rescued their new little feathered friend by giving him a ride back to land.

Galderi posted about the owl rescue on TikTok. In the video, the owl makes its appearance by holding onto the rod for dear life as it sways in the wind. The two men seem to secure the bird, as in the next shot the adorable bird is wrapped in a towel. With its wide open eyes, the owl looks snug and happy to be rescued. “Boy is lost,” one of the men exclaims. “Let's take him home, Cab.” To which the other man replies, “Let's take him home.” Once on the shore, the owl is freed, and flies away into woods.

The wholesome rescue video has been watched over 2.5 million times on TikTok, and it has earned over 50,000 upvotes on Reddit. An eagle-eyed viewer determined that the critter in the video is a Caribbean short-eared owl, and while they’re a rare sight in Florida, they sometimes show up in the Keys and Everglades area.

Overall, people praised the men for helping the owl and many wondered if getting the bird into a towel burrito was easy and scratch-free. In the end, this encounter reminds us that helping others is not only the best thing to do, but you can also make a friend along the way. One commenter wrote, “Owls have a great memory. He might be there again looking for you guys, if you go there again. Good work dudes!”

A wholesome TikTok video shows the rescue of an owl off the coast of Florida by two men on a boat.

On the left, owl wrapped on a towel and held by a man; on the right, owl flies away.

Photo: Screenshot from TikTok

Watch the inspiring rescue:

@_thepaigepage My brother and his friend were fishing 20+ miles off shore and an owl landed on their boat. He doesnt have tiktok, but i knew tiktok would LOVE this!!! #animalrescue #owls #funnyanimals ♬ Hey Lover – The Daughters Of Eve

h/t: [Reddit]

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