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Modern Tuscan Amphitheater Features Responsive Canopy

The Italian hill town of Peccioli is the site for the soon-to-be-built Parco Degli Angeli (Park of Angels), a complex that's meant to enjoy music and art. It features a covered, multi-seat amphitheater that can accommodate up to 800 people with interactive sculptures that overlook the idyllic Tuscan countryside. New York-based firm Asymptote Architecture was commissioned to design the space, and they envisioned the project as a sculptural canopy structure that contrasts the surrounding landscape. And, it does – the airy, white shell shape pairs nicely with the lush greenery, and the two could be seen as a juxtaposition of sea and land.

The large amphitheatre is outfitted with a "responsive skin," meaning that it incorporates intelligent responses to environmental forces through a kinetic canopy. It's clad of white tensile fabric that transforms through a system of apertures and directional funnels that mediates airflow and daylight. Embedded photovoltaics capture energy from solar exposure and provides an overall more comfortable experience for guests taking in a show.

Asymptote Architecture website
via [designboom]

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