Creativity Boosting Company Turns Kids’ Drawings Into Real Clothes They Can Wear

Founder of Picture This Clothing, Jaimee Newberry, has just made every young fashion designer's dream come true. The company, which officially launched last week, turns children's drawings into actual clothing so they can “wear their imagination.” The idea came to Newberry, a mother of two daughters, when she sewed a dress for her youngest based on the girl's doodles. Newberry tells Babble that the dress was greatly admired by both her daughter's friends and their parents, which led her to think about how she could turn this into a business operation. After a bit of research with her three business partners, Newberry concluded that producing dresses with custom-created patterns via sewing wouldn't be cost-effective. Instead, they use custom-printing to fashion each colorfully, unique outfit.

Currently, only dresses are available to be designed. “We launched with just the dress for two reasons,” Newberry says. “First, we wanted to test the market and see if people would actually buy the product! And second, we wanted to make sure the finished piece of clothing that arrives in your mailbox is a great piece of clothing. So our launch was very focused on accomplishing those goals.” Picture This Clothing has plans to offer more designable items in the future, including T-shirts.

The idea for Picture This Clothing first began with this image.

Since then, the company developed a template to make it easier for anyone to be a designer with a few simple steps.

Step 1: Choose the correct size, print out a coloring sheet, and let your child go wild with crayons.

Step 2: Photograph the finished design and send it to Picture This Clothing.

Step 3: You're pretty much done. In 2 weeks, a new and original dress will arrive at your doorstep.

Need inspiration? See what others have created!

Picture This Clothing: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
via [Bored PandaBabble]

All images via Jaimee Newberry of Picture This Clothing.

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