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"Qwerkywriter" USB Keyboard Simulates the Clicky Feel of a Typewriter

Many of us probably like how a typewriter looks, but sadly have no need for it. After all, computers and tablets make it easy to record our thoughts digitally and in an instance. The new Qwerkywriter has the look of a vintage typewriter with the ease of today’s technology. It’s a USB mechanical keyboard that simulates the clicky feel of a typewriter and gives you a tactile experience as you write. The device is able to accommodate your tablet with its integrated stand, and also features a detachable USB cable via a mini-USB port.

The Qwerkywriter has 84 rounded, custom keycaps on a hybrid metal and plastic frame. Its chrome accent bar and platen (the thing that moves paper horizontally) are cosmetic, but still add to the feeling that you’re working on a typewriter. The makers hope to possibly have those elements functional in the future, like using them as a spacebar or macro key.

A Kickstarter campaign was launched to raise money for Qwerkywriter’s production. At the time of writing, the project is fully funded, and there’s still time left to reserve yours.

Qwerkywriter Kickstarter page and website

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