Animal Shelter Uses Hilarious Honesty to Find Ralphie the “Fire-Breathing Demon” Dog a Loving Home

All dogs deserve a loving home; however, some sadly struggle to find one. The most common reason is that people usually overlook older dogs in favor of puppies, or that lighter-colored canines are preferred instead of black dogs. While there are campaigns to fight this and make people see a loyal pup beyond their appearances, there's one particular canine who is having issues getting adopted. Meet Ralphie. He’s a French Bulldog living at the Niagara SPCA that would normally have prospective adopters banging at the door to snatch him up, but…it turns out he’s a little terror and the animal shelter is now being brutally honest about this cute yet chaotic creature.

“We've become pros at writing animal adoption posts,” wrote the Niagara SPCA team in hopes of finding Ralphie's perfect match. “This one stumps us though. We don't actually have too many nice things to say so we're just going to come out with it.” The SPCA workers have officially described Ralphie as a “Fire-Breathing Demon” who is a bully to humans and dogs alike. They go on to explain that, despite being a 26 lb. dog, he is a “terror in a somewhat small package.” The workers at the SPCA think he was never taught boundaries, and that he acts as if he owns the place. “Lots of people withheld Ralphie's less than desirable traits, but we're going to tell you all about it. He's a whole jerk—not even half. Everything belongs to him,” the post continues. “If you dare test his ability to possess THE things, wrath will ensue. If you show a moment of weakness, prepare to be exploited. Sounds fun, huh?”

To make his behavior extra precise, the Niagara SPCA has shared what a day with Ralphie looks like—from his aggressive reluctance to wear a shirt to his history of biting people who try to pet him. When the public asked for further proof of his misbehaving, they posted a video of him reacting fiercely to the hesitation of one of his caretakers as they opened his kennel, or going after a mop as it was a threat. “There is also no evidence that suggests he guards because he was abused or neglected,” his caretakers added.

Despite the warnings and strict requirements for a prospective dog parent—Ralphie needs a home free of children and other animals, as well as a no-nonsense and patient owner—several people offered to adopt him. According to the Niagara SPCA, people from 40 different states and counting, three Canadian provinces and one European country have shown interest in andoption after relating to Ralphie's plight.

If anything, the Niagara SPCA deserves all the honors for making lemonade out of this puppy-shaped lemon. Several people have offered to cover Ralphie's adoption fee, and the attention they have gotten from this case has led to the launch of a t-shirt fundraiser that could be a game changer for the little animal shelter. Above all, their dedication to finding just the right home for Ralphie reflects that they don't want to give up on him, and they believe in him not being a lost cause. No matter how hard it might be to find it, the perfect home for Ralphie filled with love and understanding is out there.

Meet Ralphie the French Bulldog. He is a cute yet chaotic canine living at the Niagara SPCA.

The shelter was having trouble finding him a forever home so it decided to be completely honest and has described the 26-pound dog as a “terror in a somewhat small package.”

The SPCA is dedicated to finding just the right home for Ralphie, as they believe in him not being a lost cause. So far, people from 40 different states and counting, three Canadian provinces and one European country have shown interest.

Niagara SPCA: Website | Facebook
h/t: [People]

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