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Stunning Hyper-Realistic Eyes Created Using Colored Pencils

Are the eyes really the windows to the soul? Looking at Redosking’s hyper-realistic work will make you believe that it’s true. The Texas-based graffiti artist mesmerizes us with his colored pencil eye drawings that beautifully capture light. Their extreme detail is deceptive, and his work looks like photographs rather than illustrations.

Eyes are a common muse for artists, because they can subtly communicate emotions like fear and pain that are otherwise diffused with body language. So, it’s not a surprise that the most alluring parts of Redosking’s drawings are the irises. They are brightly colored with tiny reflections of the world looking back at them. Illusion is added using a white gel pen, and he incorporates glints to show light bouncing off the cornea. The meticulous attention to detail proves captivating and it invites you to study every inch of Redosking’s drawings.

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via [Colossal and Illusion]

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