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Photographer Captures a “Suddenly Appearing” Path of Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

Spring is a magical time to be in Japan. It’s when the cherry blossoms, aka sakura, start to bloom. The trees, which are prevalent in cities like Tokyo, explode with tiny pink flowers that bring a whimsical feel to the urban landscape. Drone photographer Rei Hanada took advantage of this picturesque sight and captured incredible aerial images of the bushy cherry blossoms lining the banks of the Meguro River.

The Meguro River is famous for the stunning sakura transformation that happens each year. People from around the world flock to get a glimpse of the idyllic scenery. Over the course of about three miles, the trees provide an arched walkway that’s beautiful both on the ground as well as thousands of feet high—as Hanada proves. In flying his drone so far above the cherry blossoms, it offers a new way to admire them. Hanada is showcasing the path as a whole and highlighting the exuberance their presence brings to the landscape. In a tweet the photographer says, “It gives you a feeling of ‘the flower path that suddenly appeared in the middle of the city.’ ”

Hanada shares more of his aerial drone photography on Instagram.

Photographer Rei Hanada used his drone to capture cherry blossom time in Japan.

Cherry blossoms aren’t all that Hanada photographs. His portfolio includes a variety of incredible aerial images:

Rei Handa: Instagram | Twitter
h/t: [Design You Trust]

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