Elaborate Paintings Capture the Beautiful Mystery of Diverse Ecosystems

Ocean Paintings by Robert Steven Connett


There's a myriad of unique creatures living deep underwater and between blades of grass. Los Angles-based, self-taught artist Robert Steven Connett explores the diversity of these lesser-seen ecosystems in his vibrant acrylic paintings. From plankton and jellyfish to praying mantises and rhinoceros beetles, each colorful picture is packed with dozens of carefully-rendered lifeforms.

Connett finds endless inspiration in the beauty of the “flora and fauna of the natural world, particularly that of oceanic origins.” Although some viewers think that his work is painted digitally, the artist, in fact, produces each piece through traditional methods. Due to this, some of his more complex compositions can take more than 2,000 hours to complete.

The kaleidoscopic mix of colors and the numerous fine details recall the beauty of scientific illustrations. Many of the creatures depicted would not normally be visible without the use of a microscope, but Connett's pictures magnify their appearance so viewers can admire every part of them. Likewise, the crowded arrangement of creatures and plants imbues the pictures with sparkling energy that's a delight to look at.

You can purchase prints and original artwork via Connett's online store and follow the artist on Instagram to keep up to date with the artist's latest projects.

Artist Robert Steven Connett creates exquisite acrylic paintings of diverse ecosystems.

Ocean Paintings by Robert Steven Connett

“Devouring Star Jelly”

Ocean Paintings by Robert Steven Connett

“Space Plankton II”

Ocean Paintings by Robert Steven Connett

“Space Plankton I”

Ocean Paintings by Robert Steven Connett

“Microverse II”

Ocean Paintings by Robert Steven Connett


Ocean Paintings by Robert Steven Connett

“Mantis Mundi”

Ocean Paintings by Robert Steven Connett


Robert Steven Connett: Store | Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Robert Steven Connett.

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