Italian Concert Organist Dazzles With Magical Musical Performances

Musician Ruggero Pilla is an Italian concert organist who has amassed a significant following online for his mastery of the instrument. His social media is full of videos of him playing magnificent organs in a variety of equally majestic spaces, and it is difficult not to fall in love with the sound of the instrument.

Organs always create haunting music whenever they are played, and Pilla's performances are no different. He is able to fill massive venues with the loud, emotive tones of the instrument, creating an intimate feeling for whoever happens to be in the audience. Thankfully, Pilla routinely uploads his performances to YouTube, allowing people to enjoy them online.

In addition to being a talented organist, Pilla can also play the piano and harpsichord beautifully, allowing him to play selections from a variety of classical artists. His vast musical repertoire includes selections from famous Baroque composers, including Johann Sebastian Bach who specifically composed music for the organ, as well as later composers, including Frédéric Chopin and Giacomo Puccini.

To keep up with Pilla's musical performances, follow him on Instagram or subscribe to his YouTube.

Ruggero Pilla is an Italian concert organist with a unique talent for music.

His vast musical repertoire features selections from famous composers, including household names such as Bach and Chopin.

In addition to his talent for organ music, Pilla can also play the piano and harpsichord.

Ruggero Pilla: Instagram | YouTube

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