Virtuoso Harmonica Player Shows What This Versatile, Little Instrument Can Do

Harmonicas are an alluring element in many music genres, such as folk, jazz, and country. However, they usually only get a few seconds to shine or are just a small part in an intricate instrumentation. But not for Indiara Sfair. The Brazilian musician has expanded the creative possibilities of this tiny instrument, putting the harmonica in the spotlight with her thrilling technique.

Sfair has been playing harmonica for years, perfecting her unique style over time. “I got my first harmonica from a friend when I was fifteen years old. It was a birthday present. He knew I liked blues and musical instruments, so he decided to give me one,” she explains. “He could not guess that he was giving me something far more valuable than a harmonica.”

While Sfair's solo performances are upbeat and exciting, like watching an athlete at the top of their game, those made in collaboration with guitarist Tiago Juk are simply hypnotic. This is particularly true for her original song “Simbiose,” which seems to tell a story of victory in the face of hardships through the melody. The video for this tune has been watched over 700,000 times, with many listeners clamoring for a whole album like that track.

Sfair not only makes the harmonica the star of the show, but also plays loops and experiments with chords and melody. She even beatboxes with the harmonica as a type of percussion. “What I love most about this little instrument is that it can really cry and express the feelings in a very true way. Harmonica is [a] small but very rich instrument, you always find a new way to play, a new effect!” she said.

To Sfair, this little instrument has brought her everything she has always dreamed of—an emotional connection that can be felt in her music and a devotion to the instrument. “The harmonica has shown me that with dedication, love, work, we can reach our goals and be recognized for it,” she says. “[It] brought me my greatest achievements, brought me many friends and gave me a career. It permeates all areas of my life: financial, emotional, social, [and] professional.”

If you'd love to play like Sfair, the musician offers helpful insight on YouTube, as well as a dedicated online course. To stay up to date with Sfair, follow her on Instagram.

Indiara Sfair puts the harmonica in the spotlight with her thrilling technique.

While her solo harmonica performances are upbeat and exciting, those in collaboration with guitarist Tiago Juk are simply hypnotic.

Indiara Sfair: Instagram | YouTube
h/t: [Reddit]

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