Entire Neighborhood Secretly Learns Sign Language to Surprise Deaf Man in Istanbul

For the hearing impaired, it's often difficult to overcome communication barriers with people who don't know sign language. Muharrem, a deaf man living in Istanbul, Turkey, got to experience one glorious day without those barriers when everyone he came across in his neighborhood greeted him using sign language!

A team of people from Samsung and ad agency Leo Burnett spent a month installing cameras around Bagcilar, teaching sign language to the locals, and planning the perfect day for Muharrem. On December 28, 2014, the young man and his sister went out for an ordinary walk that quickly turned into an unexpectedly amazing experience. Muharrem was stunned and astonished to be able to communicate with so many of his neighbors in his language, as you can see in the heartwarming video captured by hidden cameras.

The emotional video was created to raise awareness about the Samsung Duyan Eller, a new call center catering towards the hearing impaired in Turkey. “A world without barriers is our dream,” according to Samsung Turkiye. See how they made that dream a reality for one special day, below.

For a month, the team made preparations, including setting up hidden cameras…

…and secretly teaching the neighborhood sign language.

Finally, the big day arrived. Through the hidden cameras, we see Muharrem and his sister zlem go out for a walk.

A friendly neighbor greets them with “good morning”–in sign language!

The local baker also uses sign language to offer them hot bagels.

Outside the grocer's, Muharrem and zlem help a man pick up the oranges that he dropped…

…and are pleasantly surprised when he offers them each an apple using sign language.

Muharrem is starting to feel like something's up.

Then, a woman bumps into him and signs a sincere apology.

Growing slightly more confused.

In the taxi, the driver welcomes them in sign language.

Muharrem doesn't know what's going on, but his sister does!

At the town square, he is greeted by a Samsung Call Center employee…

…and all of his wonderful neighbors!

After it's revealed what they've all done in order to give him such a special day, Muharrem is incredibly touched. He sheds a few tears…

…hugs everyone warmly…

…and laughs upon seeing some familiar faces.

It's safe to say that Muharrem will ever forget this extraordinary experience!

Samsung Duyan Eller's website
via [Bored Panda]

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