Brilliantly Simple Floating Rubbish Bin Revolutionizes Ocean Cleaning Technology

The Seabin Project offers a simple and affordable solution to the global issue of ocean pollution. This automated floating rubbish bin collects garbage, debris, and even oil from the water, and may revolutionize ocean cleaning technology. The systems are designed to operate constantly,  24 hours a day, 365 days a year, helping to create a better life for every living thing. The Seabin Project has been picked up by the global media, with interviews and articles on the revolutionary waste collector being released worldwide.

A pair of Australian surfers named Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski are the founders of the Seabin Project. The team plans to start small, eyeing marinas, ports, and yacht clubs as places to install the rubbish systems because they are relatively controlled environments where rubbish typically accumulates. The Seabin floats in the water, attached to the dock. A water pump on the shore maintains constant water flow into the bin, bringing with it floating rubbish and debris. These garbage items are caught in a natural fibre bag and separated from the water. The water is then sucked through the bin, into the water pump, and then pumped back into the marina. The design is low maintenance and low cost, yet very effective.

The Seabin Project is a brilliantly simple waste disposal system that could easily be implemented in marinas around the world. The founders have an Indiegogo campaign set up to collect funding so that they can begin large scale production of the rubbish bins and start “cleaning the oceans, one marina at a time.”

The Seabin Project: Website | Indiegogo | Facebook | Instagram
via [Inhabitat]

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