Meet Simba, the Baby Goat With the World’s Longest Ears

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It is almost a fact that baby goats are adorable, with their bouncy gaits and friendly personalities. But when one resembles a beloved cartoon character? The result is cute and record-setting. An adorable baby Nubian goat named Simba (though he resembles Dumbo) may be the first Guinness World Record holder for the “longest ears on a goat.” The little goat's ears measure 48 centimeters (nearly 19 inches) long. And, at less than a month old, Simba is still growing, meaning his ears may get even longer.

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Simba has become a local celebrity due to his incredibly long, blond ears. They skim the ground as he frolics, and flutter in the breeze when he stands still. Simba's owner, goat farmer Muhammad Hassan Narejo, was certainly surprised he first noticed his remarkable ear span, but is proud of his goat's unique feature. Narejo even devised a set of soft pouches to tuck Simba's ears into. Sort of like tying one's hair back, the pouches tie around the goat's neck and keep him from tripping over his ears as he runs and plays.

Nubian goats in general are characterized by their long, pendulous ears, which help to keep them cool. Though Simba's are likely this long due to a genetic mutation, he is otherwise healthy, and is as cute and playful as can be.

Simba, the baby Nubian goat from Pakistan, has ears that measure nearly 19 inches long, and they are still growing!

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Simba has become quite the celebrity due to his long, blond ears that resemble Dumbo's.

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His owner, goat farmer Muhammad Hassan Narejo, is proud of his goat's unique feature, and hopes he will become a Guinness World Record holder soon.

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