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Hidden Bed Descends from Ceiling to Turn a Living Room into the Bedroom

Inspired by densely-populated urban areas where space is at a premium, designer Simon Woodroffe has created the YO! Home. It’s a residence that economizes space without sacrificing luxury, and it offers innovative functions to help you maximize a compact unit. Some of these fantastic features include: a pocket kitchen that folds neatly into the walls; a pop-up dining table whose surface doubles as the floor; and hidden storage underneath the ground. But Woodroffe’s most striking addition that takes space-saving to the next level is the home’s retractable bed that drops from the ceiling to perfectly align and cover a u-shaped couch.

The large sofa cleverly doubles as a platform for the mattress and bed frame to sit on. To make the seamless transition from seating to bedding, a tiny motor moves the slumbering platform from the ceiling to the floor. Although this progression is meant to happen mechanically, the bed also has a manual movement option in the event of a power outage.

The 430-square foot YO! Home is the second prototype for the design, and its plan is currently being applied in an upcoming 24-unit building in Manchester, England. This is one of the next steps towards making Woodroffe’s vision a reality.

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