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Graffiti Artist Transforms a Beach Rock Into a Gigantic Great White Shark

Someone painted this rock to make it look like a shark from r/pics

Imagine walking along a paradise beach when all-of-a-sudden you see a gigantic, great white shark jumping from the water. If the beach is in Goa, don’t panic—chances are it’s made of stone. Created by American artist Jimmy Swift, the terrifyingly lifelike, spray-painted stone shark is situated near the shore of Palolem Beach, South Goa, India. “When I first saw this rock it looked like a perfect place for a great white,” revealed Swift, who painted the shark in March 2015. “It's truly amazing how mother nature can carve out such a perfect shape.” Since then, Swift’s shark has become a favorite landmark for fellow travelers, who often stop by to take a picture with it.

Working as an artist for over 15 years, Swift has traveled to over 90 countries, creating art everywhere he goes. Inspired by the movie Jaws, Swift decided to challenge himself by painting on the shark head-shaped, three-dimensional surface. “This was the hardest thing I’ve ever painted. I was literally beat up by the waves and rising tide and forced to stop before it was finished,” Swift revealed on Instagram. Two years later, Swift returned to his stone shark to find that the colors had faded a little due to the elements, so he decided to revive them. “After two years my shark was almost completely faded away, so a fresh coat of paint and he’s back and ready for more selfies,” he said.

Since creating the shark, Swift has gone on to transform another rock into an elephant, complete with a mop of bushy “hair.” You can find more of Swift’s art and follow him on his adventures via Instagram.

Spray paint artist Jimmy Swift transformed a beach rock into a terrifyingly lifelike great white shark.

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Situated near the shore of Palolem Beach, South Goa, India, it’s become a favorite landmark for fellow travelers.

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Travelers often stop by to take a picture with the shark rock.

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The talented artist has even turned another rock into a giant elephant.

A post shared by Jimmy Swift (@jimmy_swift) on

Jimmy Swift: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
h/t: [Reddit]

All images via Jimmy Swift.

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