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Tiny Home Cleverly Conceals a Full-Size Kitchen Beneath the Stairs

Turin-based architecture firm Studioata has embraced the “tiny home” movement in a clever way with their dwelling called Tre Livelli. At just 377-square-feet, its furnishings needed to be compact, but the designers managed to squeeze a full-size kitchen in the space–they partially concealed it within the steps that follow the natural incline of the hillside house.

The kitchen has a stove and counter that’s situated on the top tier of the staircase. There’s storage for pots and pans beneath the floor and the steps also double as drawers. Beyond the galley is a lofted bedroom equipped with a foldable Murphy bed as well as a roomy bathroom with a stone shower.

When designing Tre Livelli, Studioata was inspired by the surrounding natural landscape and cloaked the house in grey stone–this allows it to blend in with the hillside. They also brought the feeling of the outdoors inside by installing floor-to-ceiling doors that line the entrance. It opens onto an extensive deck that doubles the amount of living space to enjoy the gorgeous views.

Studioata: Website
via [Design TAXI, Inhabitat]

Photography by Beppe Giardino.

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